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ACCORD’s Africa Peace Centre

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The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) is building an Africa Peace Centre to support peacebuilding efforts on the continent of Africa.

The African Century will be founded on Africa’s ability to find solutions to her own challenges. Her challenges of conflict, of development, her search for peace. African solutions to African challenges. Out of this belief has grown ACCORD’s vision of an Africa Peace Center. A neutral site, in Africa, where the continent’s leaders can forge a passage away from conflict and violence, and towards peace. A vision of the African continent, as it should be – free of violence and economic dependency. Where the resolution of conflict leads to significant economic achievements and a better life for all her people.

The primary objective of the Africa Peace Centre will be to influence political developments on the continent by bringing conflict resolution, dialogue and institutional development to the forefront as an alternative to armed violence and protracted conflict. The Centre will specialize in conflict management, analysis and prevention and will intervene in conflicts through mediation, negotiation, training, research and conflict analysis.

The Africa Peace Centre will be a state-of-the-art complex which will act as a base for high level conflict intervention and continuous research and training. It will also incorporate a resource and documentation centre, a meeting and training centre, a conference venue, 80 guest residences and a number of VIP houses. The complex will also house the ACCORD offices.

The Africa Peace Centre vision has already received the support of key political, business and civil society leaders throughout Africa and the world. ACCORD has forged a partnership with the City of Durban to make the Centre a reality.