Towards a More Coherence Peacebuilding Policy Community Seminar

This is the opening session of the Peacebuilding Seminar: Towards a More Coherence Peacebuilding Policy Community held in Johannesburg, South Africa on 19-20 February 2014.

The aim of this two day seminar is to create a space for convergence, where representatives from these different policy initiatives can enter into a conversation with each other, and where opportunities for coherence and coordination can be explored. This seminar was attended by 50 participants from across the globe from Inter-Governmental Organisations, International NGOs and Civil Society Organisations, Think Tanks, Local NGOs and Civil Society Organisations as well as African and local partners. Participants included Ms. Sarah Cliffe (Assistant Secretary General for Civilian Capacity at the United Nations), Dr Khabela Matlosa (Director of Political Affairs at the African Union), Mr. Takwa Suifon (Expert on PCRD at the African Union) and Dr. Henk-Jan Brinkman (Chief of the Policy Planning and Application Branch of the United Nations).