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ACCORD and its Project Partners meet at the Extraordinary Joint Steering Committee Meeting

Strengthening coordinated approaches towards strengthening the African Union (AU) mediation initiatives.

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ACCORD, the AU and the Crisis Management Initiative met at the Extraordinary Joint Steering Committee meeting that was held from 08-09 October 2018 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The partners met to discuss different aspects of the joint project, the African Union Mediation Support Capacity Project which is on its ninth year, now in Phase III.

The partners discussed the current conflict dynamics in the continent and how this impacts on the mediation strategies currently being utilised to prevent and resolve conflict. An emphasis was placed on prevention, highlighting that strong linkages between early warning and early action makes prevention effective. The meetings also discussed more broadly on the priority areas of the AU and the ways in which the Partnership can continue its support to respond to these priorities.

Extraordinary Joint Steering Committee Meeting

Furthermore, an evaluation was undertaken of Phase III to examine the effectiveness of the Project. The evaluator presented the findings of the evaluation at the meeting, which contributed to the way in which a new Phase of the Project proposal will be developed.

ACCORD and its partners remain committed to implementation of the project towards increasing the capacity and strengths on the AU in its conflict prevention and mediation efforts.