ACCORD attends a discussion on the five-year strategic action plan for youth inclusive peace processes

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Staying abreast of global frameworks aiming to strengthen the youth, peace and security agenda

ACCORD attended a reflection session on the first year of implementing the “Five-year Strategic Action Plan for Youth Inclusive Peace Processes”. The discussion, which took place on 28 February 2023, was co convened by the United Nations Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs and Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, as well as Search for Common Ground.

The Five-year Strategic Action Plan seeks to move from youth-inclusive norms towards youth-inclusive practices in designing and implementing peace processes. To this end, the event provided an opportunity for the convening partners to reflect on completed, ongoing, and planned initiatives related to the Five year Strategic Action Plan, and to explore ways to collaboratively advance the Action Plan.

The informative discussions assisted in building a better understanding of and around various initiatives undertaken to advance the youth, peace and security agenda globally, and allowed for the sharing of some challenges and key recommendations. The information received informs ACCORD’s strategic efforts to enhance the role of youth to prevent, mitigate and resolve conflicts.

Article by:

Savannah Wilmot
Senior Programme Officer