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ACCORD helps Madagascar to prepare for donor funded activities

8 Jul 2015
Secretary-General Kofi Annan and Mrs. Annan, accompanied by their host Marc Ravalomanana, President of Madagascar, visit the president's showcase development project on the palace grounds where they also planted a tree, today in Antananarivo (UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe)

Two workshops facilitated by ACCORD aim to teach state and non-state actors about the peacebuilding and peacekeeping processes.

With the aim of supporting Madagascar to define its Peacebuilding Priorities to be funded by the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) and other donors, ACCORD trains Malagasy CSOs and facilitates Conflict Analysis for multi-stakeholder actors.

The choice of ACCORD to facilitate these two important workshops is predicated by the United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office’s (PBSO) conviction that ACCORD’s twenty three year (1992-2015) track record in conflict management across Africa, its engagements in Madagascar since the 2009 Political instability, as well as its neutrality and impartiality were key characteristics needed.

ACCORD the PBSO, the Madagascar United Nations Country Team (UNCT) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) facilitated discussions amongst an inclusive group of Malagasy stakeholders on the opportunities for peace following years of political instability.

The twin workshops facilitated by ACCORD, namely CSOs on Peacebuilding Opportunities and the interest of the PBSO in Madagascar (4 May 2015); and the Multi-stakeholder Prioritization Workshop (6-8 May 2015), which helped to orientate the country’s leading political and non-state actors on a path of talking peace and seizing the opportunities for peacebuilding were unique in many ways because they culminated with Madagascar demonstrating its readiness to lead its peacebuilding process. Key amongst derivatives from these workshops were a Priority List for Peacebuilding funding which has now been submitted for the PBF consideration. ACCORD will continue to follow the political developments in Madagascar, and working with Malagasy stakeholders to sustain peace dividends remains a strategic operational goal of ACCORD.

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