ACCORD & IDRC co-host ‘Coaching and Mentoring’ sessions for women peacebuilders

ACCORD, in partnership with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) hosted two coaching and mentorship sessions took place under the backdrop of “Youth Peacebuilding Initiatives.” 

The sessions, which took place on the 6th and 9th of April, formed part of a bigger, one-month long event titled “Managing Conflict, Intervening for Peace: Young Leaders Respond”. The training sought to document the role and nuanced experiences of women leaders who have or are currently meaningfully involved in peacebuilding processes in Southern Africa, while also bringing both senior and young women peacebuilders together for inter-generational exchange. The project further sought to address the gender gaps in the literature on Women, Peace and Security by detailing and drawing lessons from the unique experiences of these women by underlining their value-addition to sustainable development and durable peace. 

Participants in the coaching and mentoring sessions were given an assignment by conflict management trainer, Alison Lazarus, wherein they were expected to develop and present a peacebuilding initiative of their choice.

Ms. Lazarus made use of this activity as one that would assist her in coaching and mentoring each participant based on their individual presentations. The proposed peacebuilding intervention presentations were focused on the following conflicts:

  1. Gangsterism in The Community of Mannenberg in the Cape Flats, Cape Town
  2. Sexual Gender-Based Violence in Namibia
  3. Unemployment in Zimbabwe
  4. Young Girls Driving Peacebuilding in Cameroon
  5. Engaging Young Mozambicans through social media for Peace in Cabo Delgado
  6. Discrimination and Tribalism of Young People in Uganda

Following the presentations, participants were coached on how to engage in the process of Appreciative Inquiry, which is an evaluation technique that Ms. Lazarus encouraged participants to employ in response to their peer’s presentations.

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