ACCORD partners with United Cities and Local Governments Africa

Lounja Bensmain

Developing the conflict management trainer capacity of local government stakeholders.

ACCORD, in partnership with the African Local Governments Academy (ALGA) of United Cities and Local Governments Africa (UCLG Africa), hosted a Conflict Management Training-of-trainers (ToT) Workshop in Ifrane, Morocco, from 16 to 22 July 2023. The workshop was the first step in a multi-year dedicated programme to developing trainer capacity within the UCLG Africa network.

The participants, who represented different regions in Africa, strengthened their conflict analysis, negotiation and mediation skills, while also developing skills in adult learning methodologies, thereby enhancing their capacity as lead trainers themselves. Building the capacity of these local government stakeholders to convene their own trainings forms a supportive approach towards building sustainability in peacebuilding interventions. Local government stakeholders have a knowledgeable contextual understanding and access to civil society structures whose inclusion and participation are essential to ensure lasting peace outcomes. Therefore, skilled local government trainers can conduct high quality trainings, and produce and transfer knowledge, based on their first-hand experience and hands-on competence, to their networks that are already established within their municipalities.

The ToT workshop was a significant first step towards developing this training capacity and is aligned to ACCORD’s strategic efforts to strengthen the role that multi-dimensional stakeholders play in preventing, mitigating and resolving conflict.

Article by:

Savannah Wilmot
Senior Programme Officer