IGAD MSU and ACCORD conduct Mediation and Conflict Prevention Training for Sudanese Women

IGAD MSU ACCORD Mediation Training

Strengthening the role of women in peace processes in the IGAD region.

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and ACCORD held a three-day mediation training for Sudanese Women. This training is as a result of a recommendation that emanated from the 2017 assessment that was undertaken by the IGAD MSU and ACCORD on conflict prevention and resolution capacities of women in Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan. As the assessment was conducted in order to understand the existing capacities, role and impact of women’s participation in peace processes, the training contributed towards strengthening the capacities of women in mediation, negotiation and conflict prevention. The training took place from 11-13 September 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya.

The training was undertaken with the aim of: strengthening Sudan’s National Action Plans for the implementation of UNSCR 1325; and create a network of trained women in peacebuilding and mediation as key to reaching out to more women at community level, therefore strengthening the multiplier effect of the trainings; and enhance the capacities of women in conflict prevention and resolution. Given the recent conflict that took place in the country, the training came at a critical time to equip women working in peace and security with these necessary skills.

The training was significant in many ways as it brought together women from the various sectors of society which included representatives from the different ministries, civil society organisations, academia, and women from the communities. This brought about solidarity amongst the women irrespective of the various sectors they represented, thereby emphasising unity amongst the group. The engagement during the course of the training enabled the participants to gain a better understanding of the tools that are required when analysing conflict in Sudan. The sessions on mediation and negotiation strengthened the capacities of the women. The participants indicated that the lessons learned from the training had indeed strengthened their skills and which they will be able to use in the sectors and communities that they work in.

Similar trainings for South Sudan and Somalia took place during the course of the year. Focal persons will be identified from the three groups to ascertain the level of engagement that has taken place and skills applied following the trainings. ACCORD and IGAD will continue to work together to strengthen the role of women in peace processes in the IGAD region.

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