Photo: UN Photo/Herve Serefio

Implementation Mechanisms for the Central African Republic Peace Agreement

Guiding and monitoring the operations of the implementation of the CAR Peace Agreement.

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On Friday 22 May 2020, ACCORD participated at the 8th Ordinary Meeting of the Executive Monitoring Committee (CES), as a member of its Technical Secretariat. The CES was established by the Political Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in the Central African Republic (APPR-RCA) that was signed on 6 February 2019. The CES Ordinary meetings are co-chaired by the Central African Republic’s (CAR) Prime Minister, Hon. Firmin Ngrebada and the Special Representative of the Chairman of the African Union Commission, Ambassador Matias Bertino Matondo. The CES meetings bring together some of CAR’s Cabinet ministers, the Parties to the Peace Agreement, Guarantors and Facilitators, Civil Society Organisations representatives, and other major stakeholders.

CAR Peace Agreement
ACCORD’s Head of its CAR programme, Ambassador Sebastien Ntahuga, participates at an Ordinary Meeting of Technical Secretariat held at the Ministry of Economic Planning and Cooperation in Bangui, July 2019.

As the body in charge of the implementation of the APPR-RCA, the function of the CES is to determine its strategic direction. It also guides and monitors the operations of the implementation organs at national and provincial levels (COM and CMOPs) and of the Security Technical committees (CTS). Furthermore, the CES assesses the implementation reports submitted by these implementing organs through its Technical Secretariat and holds regular consultations with parties to the APPR-RCA to ensure its systematic implementation.

This work is part of ACCORD’s programme funded by the European Union (EU) that is providing support to increase and strengthen the capacity of the Government of CAR, the Regional Inter-Governmental Guarantors and Facilitators, and local and national stakeholders who are engaged in the implementation of the APPR-RCA.