School of International Training MA students group meet ACCORD

Past SIT student visit to the ACCORD offices

ACCORD hosted a group of five (5) SIT MA students on Thursday, 15 April 2021 on the Zoom platform. The group was by accompanied by Dr. Imraan Buccus, Academic Director of the SIT programme in South Africa. The relationship between ACCORD and the SIT group spans many years and it has been a mutually beneficial experience. Some SIT students have expressed a desire to be hosted for internships at ACCORD, and several students have returned to ACCORD as Interns and even as Staff.

The aim of the SIT programme is to prepare students to be interculturally effective leaders, professionals and citizens. In so doing, SIT fosters a worldwide network of individuals and organisations committed to responsible global citizenship. SIT fulfils this mission with field-based academic study abroad programmes for undergraduates and accredited master’s degrees and certificates programmes for graduates, and professionals.

Presentations during the morning included:

  • A welcome and introductions by the Resource Centre Officer, Wendy Coleman
  • Viewing of two ACCORD videos, which give an overview of ACCORD
  • Introduction to the Operations Department’s Clusters, namely:
  1. Preventive Action and Mediation was presented by the Senior Programme Officer, Marisha Ramdeen, 
  2. Local and National Capacities for Peace (LNCP) was presented by the Programme Officer, Nontobeko Gcabashe
  3. Peace Support Operations was presented by the Programme Officer, Wandile Langa
  4. Research was presented by Dr Andrea Prah
  5. Women, Peace and Security (WPS) was presented by the Intern, Zoe Mafoko
  6. Global Peace was presented by the Intern, Keenan Govender
  7. The Vote of Thanks was extended by Dr Imraan Buccus

The online meeting was very interactive and the MS students showed great interest in the work that ACCORD carries out in Africa. 

Article by:

Wendy Coleman
Resource Centre Officer