Wendy Coleman

Resource Centre Officer

Wendy Coleman acts as the librarian in ACCORD’s Resource Centre. She is responsible for all the materials in the Centre, ensuring that they are in the correct category, correctly classified and shelved. She assists colleagues in retrieving material, and has collaborated in setting up a computer system that is best suited to the needs of the organisation – and capturing all material on a database.

Wendy is married to Louis, and the mother of 3 sons. She has worked in various fields, including medicine, commerce and the library services. She is an extrovert, a lover of people and life, an avid reader, and a community worker who enjoys helping those less fortunate than herself.

Wendy matriculated in 1978 at Little Flower School in Ixopo. While she has no tertiary qualification, she completed numerous courses at the Durban Municipal Library services, including a middle management course. She has a bookkeeping qualification from Business Administration and has completed a computer literacy course at Unischool.

Among her achievements she includes being seconded to the first library in Umlazi to train the library assistants. A personal achievement is that having divorced her husband, she since reconciled and remarried him on 16 December 2000. While not proud that she divorced, she is humbled by the fact that she has been able to forgive.

Future plans include seeing her sons complete their education and she would also like to study further. She will continue to give of herself in her community, helping to eliminate the curse of poverty and ignorance. “I do believe that we all have a purpose and a plan and I choose to walk in mine.”