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Conflict Management for Peacekeepers and Peacebuilders

Chapters 1 - 3

ACCORD’s Conflict Management handbook is designed to be used either for self-study or as a guide to accompany ACCORD training courses.

This handbook has been designed as a practical guide, to assist in dealing with conflict in a peacekeeping environment. It is aimed at all kinds of participants in peace missions – from military personnel having to deal with conflict on the ground without using force, to humanitarian workers and NGO members.

The skills and approaches contained herein are based on the core principle that in the vast majority of conflict situations a non-violent approach can be applied to dealing with conflict. This applies both to situational crisis situations and to the resolution of long-term, deeply-seated conflict problems on a local, regional and even international scale.

This conflict management methodology builds on the experience of over a decade of conflict management training and experience in Africa, but is specifically designed to meet the needs of civilian, military and police peacekeepers in contemporary complex peace operations in Africa.

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