Video podcast

Cabo Delgado

Coffee with ACCORD is a video podcast series in which a diverse range of experts and practitioners are interviewed on a variety of topical African peace and security issues... one more way ACCORD is facilitating the sharing of African knowledge and experience.

In this episode of Coffee with ACCORD we speak to Cidia Chissungo, an entrepreneur and community activist, as well as the founder and coordinator of the National Solidarity Campaign for Cabo Delgado. Cidia speaks to the increasing violent extremism, insurgency, and instability in the Northern Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado and how herself and her organization are navigating the space amid the conflict.

This episode was hosted by Kyle Naidu and produced by Keenan Govender, Wandile Langa, and Katharine Bebington. Vocals are by Rumbidzaishe Matambo.

Coffee with ACCORD is published by the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes, ACCORD. The views and opinions expressed in this production do not necessarily reflect the views of ACCORD and it’s affiliates.