Unconstitutional changes of government

In this eighth episode of Coffee with ACCORD, we speak to the esteemed former Algerian diplomat, Ambassador Said Djinnit, Senior Political Advisor at ACCORD, and Former Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General for the Great Lakes region in Africa. Amb. Djinnit speaks to us about his recent policy and practice brief (PPB), titled “Unconstitutional Changes of Government: A Review of the AU Policy Framework.” In his paper, Amb. Djinnit explains the African Union (AU) policy on dealing with unconstitutional changes of government (UCG) and how it has generated countless debates, especially in light of the recent wave of coups d’état in Africa, including in Burkina Faso, Mali and Guinea, prompting the conviction that for any organisation to move forward, it needs to pay special attention to its institutional memory and past experiences.

The PPB can be found here: https://www.accord.org.za/publication…

This episode was hosted by Friederike Savatier and produced by Keenan Govender, Paidamwoyo Mudzimuirema, Lwandile Moyo, Katharine Bebington, and Savannah Wilmot. Vocals are by Rumbidzaishe Matambo.

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