The current COVID-19 pandemic-induced crisis has prompted panic buying, looting, riots, protests and violence across Africa. The spread of the virus, together with measures to contain it, will increase the risk of social unrest and violent conflict. Social impacts such as job loss, interruptions to public health programmes, loss of access to educational and other […]

Language and Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa

Introduction Language and politics are intrinsically linked. Some argue that language is founded in an exclusionary way as a means of distinguishing allies from enemies, and of grooming allies and potential allies. Similarly, others locate the origin of a language in the need to form coalitions of a critical size, representing the initial form of […]

Youth Demonstrations and their Impact on Political Change and Development in Africa

Photo: REUTERS/Afolabi Sotunde

Introduction Young people constitute the biggest proportion of the African population, and are the most affected demographic group in any country’s socio-economic and political developments. By 2019, almost 60% of Africa’s population was estimated to be under the age of 25 years, making Africa the world’s youngest continent.1 According to United Nations (UN) demographic projections, […]

The Hidden Population

Young refugees

Presenting the challenges of urban refugees and how they have attempted to improve their lives and realise their aspirations.

Gender, Peacebuilding and Entrepreneurship

Nneola Foundation

Discussing the potential and limitations of tailoring as a peacebuilding and skills-building initiative that seeks to provide women with livelihood and community engagement opportunities.

Peace, Security and Post-conflict Reconstruction in the Great Lakes Region of Africa


Peace, Security and Post-conflict Reconstruction in the Great Lakes Region of Africa is a bilingual compilation edited by two renowned professors of political science and history of African studies respectively. For decades, the Great Lakes region in Africa has witnessed wars and conflicts – most notably, genocide in Rwanda in 1994; liberation wars and conflict […]