ACCORD provides mentorship for its current training-of-trainers cohort through a series of thematic sessions


Strengthening trainer capacity with intense mentorship and guidance.

On the 3 May 2023, ACCORD successfully kick-started a series of virtual Thematic Mentorship Sessions as a continuation of the ACCORD Training-of-Trainers (ToT) programme for women and youth-led peacebuilding organisations that was initiated in 2022.

The Thematic Mentorship Sessions are a means to strengthen the technical skills of the current ToT cohort in designing and convening both in-person and online trainings, and in adult learning methodologies. Sessions will cover a range of aspects such as developing case studies, designing online courses and the use of tools to aid training. Altogether eight sessions will be convened in total, with one session every three weeks until September 2023. Ms Rene Ngwenya, who served as a co-trainer during the workshop in 2022 will lead these training sessions. Mr Philip Visser, ACCORD’s Manager of Applied Knowledge and Learning will be overseeing and providing guidance throughout the programme.

The mentorship sessions were designed to meet the trainers’ needs, as identified through a follow-up evaluation survey. Many of the thematic areas that will be covered in the sessions were identified by the trainers’ themselves as being aspects they wanted further guidance on. The mentorship sessions, and the ToT programme more broadly, aligns to ACCORD’s strategic objectives to enhance the role of women and youth in responding to complex conflicts.

Article by:

Savannah Wilmot
Senior Programme Officer