Examining the trends of youth demographics in peace and security in Africa

Image retrived from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/africa_center/ (ASCC)

Promoting the continental framework and programme on Youth for Peace.

ACCORD participated in a discussion on youth envoy trends, the youth bulge, security, and peace in Africa, hosted by the African Centre for Strategic Studies (ACSS) on 11 August 2022. 

H.E. Ambassador Bankole Adeoye, Afican Union (AU) Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security delivered the keynote address, while Dr. Joel Amegboh, Assistant Professor for African Security Studies at ACSS moderated the webinar discussion.  The three panellists included Ms. Chido Mpemba, the AU Youth Envoy, Dr. Olawale Ismail, lecturer in Leadership, Peace, & Development Education, King’s College London and Ms. Muneinazvo Kujeke, Research Officer, Institute for Security Studies (ISS).

The panellists highlighted the major security challenges faced by Youth in Africa and the drivers of these challenges, which include armed-conflict, inequality, ethnic divisions, poverty, unemployment as well as rising issues such as terrorism and post COVID-19. Ambassador Bankole Adeoye reiterated that the African Youth, Peace & Security Council remains committed to implementing and promoting the continental framework and programme on Youth for Peace. 

ACCORD continues to enhance its understanding of the role that youth play in preventing, mitigating and resolving complex conflicts.

Article by:

Xolo Msomi