Gustavo de Carvalho

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Gustavo Barros de Carvalho was the Coordinator of ACCORD’s Peacebuilding Unit. He had already worked for ACCORD since 2009 when he joined as the Analyst in the Peacekeeping Unit. As Peacebuilding Unit Coordinator, Gustavo was responsible for leading the coordination and implementation of all initiatives in the Peacebuilding Unit, through its focus on training, policy development support and research at the local, regional and international levels. His areas of interest ranged from broader peacebuilding issues, including issues related to local ownership in peacebuilding, peacekeeping-peacebuilding nexus, and local peacebuilding capacities and mechanisms.

Prior to joining ACCORD, Gustavo had worked as a Researcher on Somalia and DRC at Global Witness, a London-based advocacy NGO that focused on the role of natural resources in fuelling corruption and conflicts. He was previously associated with ACCORD as an Intern at our Durban (Training for Peace Programme and African Peacebuilding Coordination Programme) and Bujumbura offices (Burundi Intervention).

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