Conflict Trends 2015/1

The Arab Spring in Numbers

11 Apr 2015


ACCORD's statistical observations of how the Arab Spring impacted three major countries in the region: Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

Four years after the first of the Arab Spring revolutions erupted in Tunisia, the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) is observing the trends and taking stock of the impact of the revolutions in the three most affected African countries: Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. This fact file examines two sets of indicators – governance and economic factors – to highlight the progress made and difficulties encountered in the three countries since the uprisings. Although some of the data is not yet available for 2014, the numbers are evocative. All three countries have known democratic gains, but Tunisia is the only country to sustain the momentum. All three states have become increasingly fragile since the revolutions and, as a consequence, high numbers of internally displaced persons, refugees and asylum-seekers are reported, particularly in Libya and Egypt. The economies of the three countries have been severely affected, but some progress can be seen. The tourism industry is on the mend in Tunisia, as is foreign direct investment in Egypt. However, the three countries have not yet begun to fare better than they did prior to the revolutions, and much remains to be done to guarantee their security and prosperity.





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